Endoscopic Discectomy (Stich less Spine Surgery)

It is a minimally invasive procedure to remove herniated disc material. Using a local anesthesia ... read more

Radio Frequency Neurotomy Pulsed Radio Frequency

It is a medical procedure in which part of the damaged nerve and dysfunctional tissue is ablated ... read more

Vertebroplasty / Kyphoplasty


It is so named because it often involves the attempt to directly reduce t ... read more

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (PNS)

Peripheral nerve stimulation, frequently referred to as PNS, is a commonly used approach to treat ... read more

Autologous Stem cell treatment

Stem cells are the blank parent cells that have the potential to become different type of cell in ... read more

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a concentrate of platelet-rich plasma protein derived from whole bl ... read more



Acupuncture (from Lat. acus, "needle" (noun), and pungere, " ... read more


Physiotherapy falls in physical medicine or Rehabilitation. You may need rehabilitation after a s ... read more

Welcome to IAMC

For the last 16 years, Iffat Anwar Medical Complex (IAMC) has treated more than 65000 patients suffering from pain, cancer pain and inherited diseases like Muscular Dystrophy, Autism and Cerebral Palsy. We are a proven leader in Stem Cell Treatment, Regenerative Medicine, Pain Management and Spinal Health Care demonstrating the latest advances in: None-Operative Procedures, Interventional Pain Management, Acupuncture, Photo Bio Modulation and Physical Therapy.

Autologous Stem Cell treatment has great success rate in restoring organ and/or tissue function for patients with serious injuries or chronic diseases like Cancer, Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinsons disease, Autism, Knee Arthritis and Cerebral Palsy

IPRM 2017 Conference will bring together renowned researchers, physicians, specialists, physiotherapists, dentists, acupuncturists, and regenerative medicine scientists.

As an Internationally recognized medical practice, we are a proven leader in Pain Management & Spinal Health Care.

We integrate most modern evidence based treatment modalities with time tested complementary and alternative therapies to make customized program for patients that produce long lasting and better results

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